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Data and Signal Services

AI-Driven Trading Algorithm

Our Data and Trade algorithm is designed around the premise of trading once or twice a week with intent of modest but consistent returns. We understand that you may lead a busy life and that investing cannot be a time sink so we made sure that we make investing as hassle-free as possible.

Our strategies include all necessary information required to place your trade and leave it on autopilot. All that is required from you is to check on the price to exit if it hits the break-even stop loss price. All trades include some level of risk however, we try to mitigate it as much as possible while still earning a return.

Education Services

Education & Training

Impex Trading offers educational material that is custom developed to be easily understood and remembered. Currently, we offer a 100+ page introductory handbook in both PDF and Hardcopy as well as a number more currently in development.

As well as our introductory handbook, we have multiple other handbooks and courses in the works in a range of topics from stocks and options trading, to cryptocurrencies and self-discipline. We believe all these topics aid an investor whether they are full-time or the occasional trader.

All our Educational material is FREE with any subscription tier!


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Data 4 Times Per Day

The Data we provide is updated 3x a day to ensure trades are up-to-date and recent. If there are no suitable trades to your liking, then you have the option to wait until the next update.

Included Information

Through the data we obtain, our algorithm analyzes the information and outputs a wide range of potential trades to take advantage of. Each includes all the necessary data to easily be executed.

Live Data Service

(IN DEVELOPMENT) We aim to offer a live data service where potential trades are constantly updated and are available at our clients convenience. We aim to have this completed by Q3 2024

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