How we Gather our Investment Data

We obtain our data from providers that work closely with the investment markets in every capacity. The data has proven to be reliable and consistent which allows us to be more confident in applying the strategies we use for trading.

Once we have all the information we need, our proprietary algorithm analyzes the data and provides us with a long list of potential trades and their returns. Currently we have an algorithm for a Covered Calls strategy and are working on Protected Puts and ETF Arbitrage strategies. This list of trades is filtered for trades deemed incompatible with our strategy policy and is uploaded for our clients.

Strategy Policy

All of our Strategies work on the basis of maximum risk mitigation. We do not aim for outrageous returns but rather for consistent and modest returns. Furthermore, we understand that time is a very important factor for every one of our clients and for that we develop strategies that do not involve their attention for the majority of the week. We call this our “Trade-and-Forget” formula where most of our trades require time only for entering and/or exiting the trade. This free’s up time for our clients to focus on what’s important in their lives while earning a decent bonus income.

Current & Upcoming Strategies


Covered Calls

Our current covered calls strategy uses stocks and options in conjunction to minimize risk and project a modest return.

In Development

Secured Puts

We are currently developing a Cash-Secured Puts strategy that aims to expand upon our covered calls strategy. The goals are identical, however with cash-secured puts, the range of available trades increases drastically.

In Development


We are also developing an Arbitrage strategy that nearly minimizes all potential risk. As arbitrage is a tricky practice, we are doing extensive testing.